The easiest way to show your sustainability results

15 min

And your dashboard is build & fully customized


Faster than creating a sustainability report


Less paper. Making your processes more efficient

Simplify Sustainability, attract customers, and drive impact

Simplify sustainability effortlessly with Groundley. Calculate your impact, attract customers without complex reports, and explore progress through beautiful dashboards. Discover actionable initiatives for a greener, impactful journey.

Succeed on your sustainability
efforts today

Empower your sales team
Sustainability matters to your customers and is often the deciding factor. With a tailored dashboard, your sales personnel can present results confidently — even without a sustainability representative present.
Customer Interest
Sales Confidence
Sales Conversion
Say goodbye to the sustainability report
Gone are the days of spending months creating a 100-page annual sustainability report. With Groundley, your dashboards update automatically, allowing you to generate an ever-fresh ESG report with ease.
  Real-Time sustainability insights
  Effortless ESG reporting
 Resource optimization
Collaborate seamlessly with everyone around you
Easily share your dashboards with customers, suppliers, authorities and internally by sending a link. Because your dashboards update automatically, everyone stays informed about your fantastic sustainability progress.
  Everyone stays in the loop
  Effortless stakeholder engagement
  Commitment to transparency
Tailored sustainability initiatives
Effortlessly create, customize, and track projects. From inception to improvement, it’s your central hub for easy, actionable, and progress-driven sustainability—beyond mere reporting.
  Act on your data
  Effortlessly create and track projects
  Execute, manage, and enhance
Display what truly matters to you
Move beyond rigid reporting frameworks. Use graphs, initiatives, success stories, UN goals, and more to ensure your sustainability results are both understood and actionable.
  Actionable insights, not just numbers
  Dynamic data storytelling
  Tailored sustainability presentation

EPD, LCA and activity-based CO2e calculations

Groundleys CO2e calculations are based on real calculations made on products you buy. We automatically match your purchase with the right EPD (Environmental product declaration), and we update it when your supplier releases a new. It’s your assurance that you can trust the data in Groundley.

Why We Created Groundley

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) account for 70% of pollution emissions and are crucial partners in achieving the UN’s 17 global goals. Despite political pressures and regulatory frameworks, proper tools for SMEs have been lacking.

In fact,


of SMEs believe sustainability will become essential for their business.

yet only


have planned sustainability initiatives. This gap exists because easy sustainability tools for the journey are missing.

That’s why we created Groundley—to enable all companies to contribute to a future without hunger, rising temperatures, and inequality, and with increased happiness for all.